PM Modi is not communal; Muslims should learn to respect Indian culture: Salim Khan

Mumbai: Veteran scriptwriter Salim Khan backed Narendra Modi saying that PM Modi is not communal at all.

Salim while talking on the issue of increasing religious intolerance in the country said that he honestly believes in sub ka sath aur sab ka vikas.

Salim also advised Muslims on maintaining peace in the society saying, “There’s no place better than India for any minority – I’d like to ask any Muslim if they’d like to live in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran or Iraq? They’d surely answer in the negative,” said Salim Khan in an interview with Times of India.

“If this is the only country you want to live in, because you feel at home, then respect this nation, respect its culture, live in harmony,” he added.

Talking about the film-makers and artists returning their awards, Khan said, “Well, these incidents have nothing to do with PM Narendra Modi – he is not a communal person at all. He totally disapproves of whatever is happening from either side, Hindus or Muslims,” he was quoted as saying.