PM Modi must answer who removed AgustaWestland from blacklist: Congress

New Delhi: Congress on Saturday demanded answers from the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the removal of AgustaWestland from the blacklist.

While commenting on Prime Minister Modi’s earlier remark about Christen Michel, alleged middleman in Agusta Westland deal, and Congress government, Khera said, “Christian Michel has himself said that one of the senior leaders of BJP had removed AgustaWestland from the blacklist. So firstly, Prime Minister Modi should answer about the person who removed Agusta from the blacklist. It was the UPA government that had brought it under backlist.”

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had taken a potshot on the Congress over the AgustaWestland deal case and had asked as, “Was Congress running ‘sarkar’ or ‘Michel Mama’s darbar'”
Advising Prime Minister Modi to worry about employment and other issues, he said, “Nation had elected him to fulfill some hope and dreams and he should at least give an answer to them. Data has revealed that many jobs have been lost; a reply must be given on it. Also, former Defence Minister of the country is blackmailing him and he must worry about the same.”

Commenting further about Goa Congress chief’s letter demanding more security for Goa Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar, he said, “Girish Chodankar and the whole Goa state Congress committee is tensed about Parrikar’s security. Especially when this information has come out that the truth of Rafale is hidden in form of files in his bedroom. So we want that Manohar Parrikar should be given proper security.”

Khera also lambasted BJP on the fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya case and demanded answers from the party and its leaders on allegations made by Mallya.

“One of BJP’s senior leader and a senior cabinet minister has said a few days back that Vijay Mallya is not even a fugitive. Some days ago Vijay Mallya had talked about as to how he took permission from Arun Jaitley in the Central Hall before leaving for London. BJP must first answer these things before taking credit for anything,” Khera said.