PM Modi loses his ‘mental balance’ when he goes abroad, says Congress

New Delhi, Aug. 17 : The Congress on Sunday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of maligning the nation when he goes on foreign trips saying that he loses his ‘mental balance’ by pointing out the flaws of his country to the whole world when he is abroad.

“The economic state of this country is worsening and the Prime Minister is on a trip to the UAE. He puts India down when he goes abroad. Did he have no shame about telling the poor condition of our country to the world,” Congress spokesperson RPN Singh said.

Singh accused the Prime Minister of flaunting India’s flaws whenever he went on foreign trips and never talking about the issues concerning when he is in the country.

Lashing out at Prime Minister Modi, Singh said, “Whenever the Prime Minister goes abroad he loses his mental balance. He wants to tell the world that whatever progress has happened in India it has happened in the past 15 months.”

“When he went to Canada, he said that India was a poor nation until he came to power. In China he said that before his government came, Indians were ashamed of being born in this country. Wherever he has gone he has said such disgusting things about Indians and India,” Singh said at a press conference,” he added.

Speaking at a presser, the Congress spokesperson said that the Prime Minister talks about trillion dollars when in reality, the situation in worsening in India. Terrorism, ceasefire violations, civilians dying, the poor condition of the farmers and our economic condition are issues that he never addresses.

“The Prime Minister says that since his government has come in place, people in the border are feeling safe. But after 20 years, terrorism has resurfaced in Punjab. During elections, he said that talks and terrorism can’t go hand in hand and then he went ahead and met Nawaz Sharif in Ufa and we can see how effective that has been,” Singh said.

Speaking on the upcoming NSA-level talks, Singh said how can the Prime Minister go ahead with the talks with Indian soldiers and civilians dying by scores.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on his maiden visit to the United Arab Emirates. (ANI)