PM Modi should ‘look after’ his own wife than to worry about Muslim women: Azmi

New Delhi: A prominent Muslim leader and three time Rajya Sabha MP, Obaidullah Khan Azmi, joined Congress party at its national headquarter in Delhi on Sunday.

His entry into the party will be a boost to the party in an election, where Muslim votes are likely to be crucial.

While Congress on Sunday said that the “matter is in Supreme Court”, former Rajya Sabha MP Azmi, asserted that he will oppose any “wrong move” on the issue by the government.

“I am an office-bearer of All-India Muslim Personal Board. If the government tries to misuse it or make any wrong move on the issue then I will fight against it. I will oppose it in my individual capacity.” Azmi said this when asked about his stand on the triple talaq issue in the presence of senior Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad.

Speaking to Janta Ka Reporter, Azmi sarcastically advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to ‘look after’ the interests of his wife than to worry about Muslim women.

He said, “Islam is pretty clear on this issue and there’s absolutely no ambiguity on triple talaq . However, if some men have abused triple talaq, that doesn’t mean we should change the law. There’s a hidden agenda by the BJP behind raising this issue. My advise to Modi is to better worry about his wife Jashodaben’s interests than to worry about Muslim women. Last I heard, the poor lady was struggling even to get her passport made.”

Azmi is a three-time Rajya Sabha member. He had represented Uttar Pradesh (1990-96) and Jharkhand (1996-2002) as a Janata Dal member while being re-elected to the upper house in 2002 from Madhya Pradesh on a Congress ticket.

“He is joining the Congress party today and we welcome him. He was a part of Congress earlier too. In the beginning, he was with Janata Dal under V.P. Singh,” Congress General Secretary in-charge of UP Ghulam Nabi Azad was quoted by IANS.

“His political experience and popularity as a religious leader and his secular credentials will benefit the party ahead of Uttar Pradesh elections. His presence will strenghtnen the Congress party in the state. We need his help and guidance,” he added.

Azmi said that Congress will emerge from “zero to hero in Uttar Pradesh.

“Congress knows how to emerge as hero from zero, and it will become hero in Uttar Pradesh. Congress is a party of certain ideology and secularism is its identity. Congress party has never compromised with its ideology,” he said.

“UP is a victim of communalism and casteism. Parties kept winning in UP, but not the state. I have come with the hope that both state and the party will win,” he added.