PM Modi has lowered dignity of office by using such words, says Congress

New Delhi, Sept. 10 : Reacting to the criticism made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi against the Congress Party, Congress leader Anand Sharma on Thursday said the former has lowered the dignity of his office, and added that the words used by him were objectionable.

“He (Prime Minister) has lowered the dignity of his office and has dragged the political discourse to unacceptable lows,” Anand Sharma told ANI.

“The Congress Party is asking him about his non-deliverance, non-performance, boastful claims and the fact that he sold dreams to the people of India,” he added.

“The words which were said about him and his boastful claims are not unparliamentary. But definitely what he is saying is objectionable,” he further said.

Earlier, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday criticised the Congress Party for disrupting Parliament and described them as a group of ‘ Hawalabaaz’ who are terrorised due to strong black money laws initiated by his government. (ANI)