PM Modi has given befitting reply to ‘pseudo secularists’: Naqvi

New Delhi, Oct 14 : Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Wednesday said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given a befitting reply to those indulging in ‘pseudo-secularism’, adding that the government was committed to take the nation forward on the path of development.

“Prime Minister Modi has once again spoken out against pseudo-secularism. Today, the country is moving forward on the path of development. We will not allow any destructive agenda to come in the way of nation’s progress,” Naqvi told ANI.

“These pseudo- secularists will not hear this message by the Prime Minister because they want people to remain divided so that they can keep furthering their pseudo-secularist agenda. Unfortunately, such forces are using secularism and communalism as part of their politics and have defined secularism and communalism according to their convenience,” he added.

Prime Minister Modi had earlier said that he or his party BJP does not support incidents like the lynching of Mohd. Akhlaq at Dadri in Uttar Pradesh on beef rumours or even the cancellation of proposed musical programme of Ghulam Ali.

In an interview to a Kolkata-based daily newspaper, Prime Minister Modi said his party or the Centre has had no role in the two unfortunate incidents.

Prime Minister Modi blamed the opposition for trying to use these sad incidents and indulging in politics of polarisation. (ANI)