PM Modi extends Ramzan greetings to citizens

PM Modi extends Ramzan greetings to citizens

New Delhi: At the commencement of the Islamic month of Ramzan, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday extended greeting to all citizens and recalled the teachings of Prophet Muhammad.

“Ramzan greetings to everyone. We recall the pious thoughts of Paighambar Mohammad Sahab, who highlighted the importance of harmony, kindness and charity. These are also the virtues the Holy Month of Ramzan stands for,” the Prime Minister tweeted.

Prime Minister Modi also shared a two-minute long audio message hailing the path of charity and compassion led by Prophet Mohammad. Speaking about the significance of the dawn-to-dusk fasting or ‘Roza’, Prime Minister said, “The central aspect of Roza is that when a person is hungry, he understands hunger suffered by others, when he himself is thirsty he understands the thirst suffered by others. This is the occasion to remember the teachings and message of Paighambar Mohammad Sahab. It is our duty to follow his life’s path of equality and brotherhood.”

“He was of the faith that if your possessions are more than what you require, you should give it to someone who needs it, that is why charity holds a significant place in Ramzan,” he added
He also recalled an short anecdote in Islam faith, wherein the Prophet had professed that two foremost superior teachings of the religion were- feeding the poor and the needy, and meeting everyone amiably whether you know them or not.

The Prime Minister concluded his message by saying, “I extend my greetings to all the citizens on the pious month of Ramzan, and I have complete faith that this occasion will inspire all to follow his message of peace and goodwill.”

Beginning today, Muslims around the globe will observe a rigorous month of fasting to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad.

In order to maintain a peaceful environment during the holy month, the Centre on Wednesday directed the security forces not to launch operations in Jammu and Kashmir during Ramzan.
Accordingly, the security forces are to reserve the right to retaliate, if attacked or if it is essential to protect the lives of innocent people.

Considered as the holiest month, Ramzan is also observed as a month of doing good deeds and abstaining from sinful deeds.

Eid-ul-Fitr will mark the end of Ramzan, on June 14 or June 15, depending upon the visual sightings of the crescent moon. (ANI)