PM Modi doesn’t understand responsibilty of family: Congress

New delhi: The Congress Party on Monday questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mindset post the government’s decision that married women are entitled to more gold than unmarried women and said that he should rather focus on visiting the Parliament debating issues of national interest.

Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury in a sarcastic tone said the Prime Minister will now decide how much jewellery a married woman can have and how much jewellery a non-married woman can have.“Who is he to decide? Now, he is saying men should keep this much jewellery.

Then how much will you give to transgenders?”“How can you discriminate between two women that you will get this much jewellery? Then please ask the husband to buy the jewellery.”

“He thinks women’s right increases once they are married and men cannot wear jewelleries.”“In which era is he stuck?”“He would have understood the responsibilty of a society and family had he kept his wife with himself. He does not know about that.”

“He is too busy to come to Parliament. He is busy deciding how much gold married woman or unmarried woman is allowed to have.”

The government in a statement said that there is no limit on legitimate holding of gold and jewellery, including from inheritance, and there would be no seizure of bullion up to a certain limit even if that does not seem to match income.