PM Modi departs for UK, hopeful of bringing ‘more investment’ to India

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday departed for his three-day visit to United Kingdom, where terrorism and economic reforms seeking to boost investment will be his major agenda besides paying homage to Mahatma Gandhi’s statue near the Parliament and addressing the Indian diaspora at Wembley.

External Affair Minister Sushma Swaraj was present at the Indira Gandhi International airport to see off the Prime Minister and was seen having a lengthy discussion with him before he left.

“Leaving for UK. I am hopeful this visit will strengthen economic ties between India and UK and bring more investment to India,” the Prime Minister tweeted before leaving.

Prime Minister Modi will have a luncheon meeting with her majesty the Queen at the Buckingham Palace and he will also be the first Indian Prime Minister to address the U.K Parliament.

His other engagements include a visit to BR Ambedkar’s house in which he lived when he was a student at the London School of Economics as well as unveiling the bust of Sri Basaveshwara at the Thames river embankment.

Prime Minister Modi will be visiting the United Kingdom and Turkey from November 12 to November 16. (ANI)