PM Modi is the biggest prey of intolerance: Naqvi

New Delhi : Rubbishing allegations that intolerance is increasing in the nation under the Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led NDA government, Union Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Wednesday said it is the Prime Minister himself who has fallen prey to intolerance.

In an exclusive interview to ETV News head Jagdeesh Chandra, Naqvi said, “Prime Minister Modi has been the biggest prey of intolerance in the country. Modi ji has been considered a global leader by countries all across the world but our opposition parties raised this issue against him.”

“The BJP is getting Muslims votes in Assam and it shows that people have accepted PM Modi and appreciated his work,” he added.

Further commenting on the alleged discrimination against Muslims, Naqvi said that he expects that Muslims have been exploited for political benefit, but the BJP has never been responsible for the same.

“The so-called secular parties have always tried to create a sense of fear among Muslims. A message has been spread that now the BJP has come to power so Muslims are going to face a tough time. The minister claimed that Muslims are happy in these two years of the Modi government’s tenure and that is why the BJP is achieving success in one state after another,” said Naqvi.

Rubbishing rumours that the Centre had issues with the working of Madarsas in the nation, Naqvi said that the Prime Minister Modi-led dispensation is rather comforting Muslims.

“The government has no intention of interfering in the functioning of Madarsas, but the fact is that it is trying to modernise it so that the students studying in Madrasas can move forward in the main stream,” said Naqvi.

“There is no dispute with conveners of Madrasas in terms of modernisation. Naqvi said, that if needed, a meeting with PM Modi will also be organised,” he added.

Naqvi also emphasised on the need to free Waqf properties from the hands of mafias

“The Waqf board has gone into the hands of the mafia and we have to free it from them. Hailing the new act, Naqvi said it is very effective and it should be enforced. Naqvi emphasised that Waqf is not facing any problems from external bodies, but there are problems within the board and it has to be ended.” (ANI)