PM Modi attempting to ‘divide’ Bihar, won’t do anything constructive: JD (U)

New Delhi, Aug 9 : Janata Dal (United) leader Ali Anwar on Sunday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of attempting to divide the people of Bihar and alleged that the latter makes tall claims but avoids commenting on issues which the people really want to hear about.

Reacting to Prime Minister Modi’s criticisms of the JD(U) during his ‘parivartan’ rally in Gaya, Bihar, Anwar challenged Prime Minister Modi to first focus on the issues which he had highlighted in the run up to the Lok Sabha polls.

“The Prime Minister says he will fix Bihar in 10 years. Bihar is on the path to progress. There are roads and electricity in villages. Why is he not speaking about that?” asked Anwar.

“Why is he not talking about the promises he swore to fulfill during his elections. Where is the promise that there would be 15 lakh rupees in every account? The two crore unemployed citizens he swore to provide with jobs? All he can do is create a divide and not do anything constructive,” he told ANI here.

He further attacked the Prime Minister, saying that if Delhi and Bihar had a relationship like he claims then certainly the latter state would enjoy the ‘special’ status.

“He (Narendra Modi) promised in Gaya during the last Lok Sabha elections that Bihar would enjoy ‘special’ attention and ‘special’ status, but all that remains a dream,” he said.

In a direct attack on the Janata Dal (United), Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said the former stands for ‘Janata ka Daman aur Utpidan’ (subjugation and torture of people).

The Prime Minister further asked the people of Bihar to elect a good government in the state.”Now, Delhi is with Bihar. We are at your service to change Bihar. I am here to ask you to elect a good government,” said Prime Minister Modi(ANI)