PM mocks Congress, alleges Opp party is looking for alliance with foreign partners

Bhopal: In the war of words between ruling saffron party and Congress party, Congress did raise valid questions but also accused PM Modi of being the mastermind behind the controversial Rafael Deal with France.

PM Modi breaking his silence on Tuesday launched a scathing attack on Congress party and accused it of colluding with foreign powers to regain power in India, ABP reported.

Well, the saffron party leaders have still not made clear of how a foreign power or alliance with foreign powers would help Congress regain power in a secular nation like India unless the saffron party has some insight into how such things work.

Modi was addressing a rally in Madhya Pradesh where he said Congress has failed to forge a credible alliance in the country and now looking for partners outside India.

“Will an outsider or a foreign nation decide who should be India’s prime minister? The Congress has not only lost power but its mental balance too,” Modi said.

Mocking Congress for its condition where the party has to look for an alliance to form a government, Modi said the condition is similar to that of begging and even if Congress gets allies it will still not come to power.

PM’s remarks came just a day after Congress attacked Modi government on Rafael deal.

Saffron party leaders have been furious after neighbouring country’s former interior minister of Pakistan Rehman Malik had Tweeted that Rahul Gandhi will be the next prime minister of India and that Modi is scared of Gandhi.

“Some people want Gandhi to become a big leader in India. Who are they? They are Pakistani leaders, and also those who stand for corruption, dynasty and politics of appeasement,” Sambit Patra, BJP spokesperson had said.