PM holds constitutional post but talks of politics 24/7: Singhvi

New Delhi: Senior Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi on Sunday attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alleging that he talks of politics 24/7 and keeps on blaming others despite holding a constitutional post.

“Prime Minister holds a constitutional post and talks about politics 24/7 and blames others. Was it right for him to talk about that on an auspicious day like today?,” Singhvi said in a press conference here on the occasion of Police Commemoration Day.

Singhvi continued, “He sometimes drags Netaji into politics, sometimes he drags Sardar Patel. Is it befitting of a PM?”

The Congress leader’s reaction came after Prime Minister Modi questioned as to why it took 70 years to build the memorial and accused the grand old party of “setting up dust on the stone laid by senior BJP leader LK Advani.”

Earlier in the day, the Prime Minister had launched an attack on Rahul Gandhi led-Congress party for not paying tribute to the policemen who sacrificed their lives by failing to construct the long pending police memorial while in power for decades.

“Today, I am proud of the National Police Memorial, but there are some questions too. After all, why did this memorial took 70 years since independence to come into existence? I believe that due some reasons this work was stopped for few years, but if the previous government had a desire, if they had tried diligently, then the memorial would have been built many years ago. But the earlier government had set up dust on the stone laid by Advani ji,” the Prime Minister had said.

Singhvi further said that the BJP and its ‘parivaar’ had no role in the independence movement.

“Like a fish outside water, this government and Prime Minister are desperately trying to appropriate a national legacy, the legacy of the independence movement, where he knows that BJP and all elements of its so-called ‘parivaar’ were bereft of any locus and had absolutely no role play,” the Congress leader said.