PM did not declare marital status in nomination forms before 2014: Digvijaya Singh

Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh): Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Thursday alleged that Prime Minister Narendra Modi did not declare his marital status in the poll nomination forms he filed before 2014.

Addressing a gathering here, Singh said, “Why does he (Prime Minister) fear from saying the truth. I am not putting a personal allegation, but what is the reason behind him not revealing his marital status in all the forms he has filled to contest polls? He had given his marital status in 2014, why did he not tell the same before the year 2014? Why does he not tell his educational qualification? What is the difficulty in stating what degree he holds?”
Sharpening his attack on the Prime Minister, he alleged that it is during the Narendra Modi regime that 27,000 jobs have been reduced per day after demonetisation.

“They had promised two crore jobs per year, however, after demonetisation 27,000 jobs per day have been reduced. I am not saying this, records are stating this.”

Modi’s statements as Gujarat Chief Minister and as Prime Minister are poles apart, claimed Singh.

“You can see what statements he made when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat and what he has been saying as the Prime Minister of the country. He used to talk about Gujarat Model of Development. I would like to ask what model of development is this under which only a few businessmen have benefitted? It is his habit to take credit of the decisions which he has opposed,” added Singh.

The Congress leader also accused the BJP of trading demonetised currency notes with the new notes from its party office in Gujarat.

“A video has surfaced from BJP’s office in Gujarat wherein it can be seen that five crore notes of demonetised currency were brought in and three crore notes of the new currency were given in return. In the visual one can see that piles of 2000 rupees notes have been staked in that room. Why did the media not question that?” Singh asked.

Furthermore, he also claimed that an MLA who was part of the BJP at the time of demonetisation had written a letter to the Prime Minister in which he had mentioned that some people who are working for party president Amit Shah are charging commission to exchange the demonetised currency notes for the new ones.

“The then BJP MLA had written a letter to the Prime Minister at the time of demonetisation in which he had said that Amit Shah’s people are taking a commission of 32.5 per cent for changing old notes with the new ones,” Congress leader said.

Hitting out at former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, he said, “Shivraj ji often said that we (Digvijaya government) used to write official orders on a piece of paper of a cigarette. I want him to show that piece of paper to me and everyone.”

Singh claimed that he has accused Chouhan and his family of being involved in various scams.
He said, “I have accused Chouhan and his family of being involved in VYAPAM, Narmada scam and other scams. I also challenged them to file a defamation case on me, but they have not done that to date.”

Singh also added, “Uma Bharati has not been able to put one allegation on me till date. For 15 years the government tried to find files and evidence against me. But what did they get, some orders which had been passed through full procedure.”

Emphasising on how a politician should be, Singh stated, “Politicians should follow what they say. They should do what they preach. I have been following that myself and have kept myself away from all allegations of corruption.”

Singh also claimed that there is an environment of hatred in the country and in the ensuing polls the people of this country will decide whether this nation will function on the path of non-violence and truth or will it follow the path of lies and rhetoric.

The 2019 General election is scheduled to be held in seven phases from April 11 to May 19 and the counting of votes will be done on May 23.