PM confident of passing 2019 general election exam

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday wished students appearing for the board exams ‘all the best’ and said he too would be facing exams next year by way of general elections.

Taking part in a ‘Pariksha Par Charcha’ with students here, the Prime Minister, when asked “How is he preparing, as he’ll also be facing an exam in the form of Lok Sabha elections next year,” said “I wish you all the best for your board exams, for my board exams I have the wishes of 125 crore Indians with me.”

On a lighter note, the prime minister advised the student who had asked the question to pursue journalism as a career.

“If I was your teacher I would’ve guided you to take up journalism kyuki aise lapet ke sawal journalists hi puchte hain,” the Prime Minister said.

Around 2,000 school and college students attended the programme at Talkatora Stadium. (ANI)