PM calls Siddharamaih govt insensitive, corrupt

Devanagare(Karnataka): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday attacked the Siddharamaih government for being insensitive towards the people of Karnataka.

The Prime Minister, while addressing a rally here, accused the Congress government in the state of being corrupt.

“Some people believe that there is Siddaramaiah governance in Karnataka, but in reality, it is ‘Seedha Rupaiyya’ governance. Har cheej mein ‘Seedha Rupaiyya’ hota hai, tabhi kaam hota hai. Ye ‘Seedha Rupaiyya’ jaana chahiye”,” Prime Minsiter said.

Taking a dig at the Gandhi family, he said that “One family ruled the country for 48 years and one tea seller ruled for 48 months. Born in rich houses, they could not uplift the farmers in 48 years. But in 48 months, we have multiplied the Minimum Support Price (MSP) by one and half for the farmers”.

“We realize that if the fortunes of India are to be improved then we have to improve the fortunes of our farmers, ” he added.

The Prime Minister also asserted that “as Gujarat CM, he had fulfilled his promise to build the tallest statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, known as the ‘Statue of Unity’ which is twice the size of the Statue of Liberty’.

He also said that “his government had increased the financial aid to Karnataka to Rupees 2 lakh crore which is way more than Rs.73,000 crore that was given under the previous Congress government”. (ANI)