PLUSS Advanced Technologies gets recognition for ‘Thermal Energy Storage’, ‘Polymers Laboratory’

New Delhi : A research and innovation company involved in the field of Speciality Polymeric Additives and Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for thermal energy storage is proud to announce that its state of the art research laboratories are now DSIR recognized.

PLUSS is the only company in India manufacturing materials and solutions for storing heat at varied

temperatures. PLUSS’ polymers laboratory is known for its specialty additives that help impart superior mechanical properties to polymers and plastics used in the automobile, white goods and wire and cable industries.

PLUSS operates with a simple yet crisp vision of ‘Creating Impactful Innovations’, said Samit Jain, Managing Director.

“Anything we do has to be new to the country and enable put PLUSS on the world innovation map”, he added.

These laboratories of PLUSS saw several innovations come out of the company since inception. In 2003, it was recognized on Technology Day by the then Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat for its innovative polymeric additives that provided a fillip to the automobile industry to switch from metals to plastics reducing automobile weight and increasing fuel efficiency.

Subsequently, the company worked on a variety of technologies. In 2012, the company received equity funding from Tata Capital Innovations Fund, to further its innovations. In the last three years the company has applied for over seven patents.

Some are under the PCT and the company has gone ahead and filed for patents in Europe, USA, South Africa, Kenya, Brazil, South East Asian countries for some of its innovative products.

PLUSS has received recognition from CII – the most innovative SME in 2014 and also received recognition from FICCI and ASSOCHAM in 2015 for its award winning ‘MiraCradle’ an affordable device to reduce neonatal deaths due to birth asphyxia.

In 2012, PLUSS joined the Partnership for Advancement of Clean Energy – Research (PACE-R) programme initiated by Department of Science and Technology, Govt of India and Dept. of Energy, USA. The project focusing on building energy research is being led by Centre for Environment Planning and Technology, Ahmadabad and Oakridge National Labs in USA in partnership with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, USA.

Under this project PLUSS is designing special tiles that can store cool energy at night and help meet the buildings cooling requirements in day time. Prototypes are already in place at Ahmadabad. The company hopes to have a breakthrough product in two years time.

Early this year, the Emtech India organized by MIT Technology Review is an iconic platform where technology, business and culture converge chose PLUSS researcher amongst the country’s top eight innovators under the age of 35. MIT under 35, is an annual event since 1999 and it brings together business leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers who are passionate about addressing major global issues by turning ideas into solutions.

The DSIR recognition is a boost to the field of distributed Thermal Energy Storage using Phase Change Materials (PCM) and materials research for polymers. India today is poised to consume polymers at a pace that was never envisioned.

“The right products and the right technology push will help ensure that the country meets this demand with sustainable materials. We are proud to receive the recognition from DSIR and will work towards not just making in India but innovating and designing in India,” added Samit Jain. (ANI)