Pleasant weather ahead in tourist cities

Jeddah, July 31 – The Presidency of Meteorology and Environment (PME) expects the Kingdom’s tourist cities to have moderate temperatures during the day and nice weather at night. There is a good chance that rain and thunder clouds will form, with a possibility of rainfall in Al-Baha, Asir and Jizan heights.

The PME said that while the interior parts of the Kingdom will have high temperatures, humidity will be higher in coastal governorates compared to previous years.
For the Red Sea, the PME expects there will be north-west surface winds in the northern parts and south-west winds in the center and southern parts at a speed of 20 to 40 kilometers an hour. Waves will range from a meter to a meter-and-a-half and might reach two meters at night. The Red Sea waves will be medium.

For the Arab Gulf, north-east to eastern surface winds will blow at a speed of 15 to 35 kilometers an hour, and waves will be a meter to a meter-and-a-half high. The Arab Gulf waves will generally be light.

Minimum and maximum temperatures for Makkah are 30 to 45, Madina 31 to 47, Riyadh 28 to 45, Dammam 30 to 44, Jeddah 28 to 45 and Abha 19 to 32. The PME warned that there could be rainy and thunder clouds in Jizan, Asir and Al-Baha following active winds which will limit horizontal visibility. There is possibility of dust in the air which will affect horizontal visibility in coastal areas, from Makkah region to Jizan region.