Plea in HC seeks consumer redressal in Jet crisis

New Delhi: A plea was filed in the Delhi High Court on Monday seeking prompt redressal of consumer complaints in the wake of the ongoing Jet Airways crisis.

The application was filed by consumer rights activist Bejon K. Misra, whose earlier plea seeking capping of airfares charged by the various airlines in the country, is still pending before the court.

In Monday’s interim application, the petitioner claimed that passengers had been severely affected due to the sudden suspension of Jet Airways services and sought directions to the government to them a full refund on their tickets with a reasonable compensation or to arrange for an alternative travel for them to reach their destinations.

The petitioner’s counsel Advocate Shashank Deo Sudhi said that with more than 100 flights cancelled without prior notice, passengers were constrained to run from pillar to post to manage their urgent official and personal commitments.

The need to seek alternative modes of travel or seats on other airlines urgently was resulting in chaos as other airlines were profiteering out of the crisis, he said.

“It is common knowledge that all the competitor airlines have exorbitantly increased their fares and the vulnerable consumers are constrained to suffer not only in terms of money but also in terms of mental harassment of an unprecedented scale,” read the application.

Misra has earlier told the court that the authorities were behaving like “silent spectators” to the “arbitrary” air fares. He said that in the absence of any effective aviation sector regulator, a major crisis was looming over the country.