PlayStation 4 system gets to update 5.00

PlayStation 4 system gets to update 5.00
PlayStation 4

San Mateo, California: The PlayStation 4 to get the latest update 5.00. The most dominant consoles of all times get even better due to the upcoming rollout of a system update.

In addition to the earlier leaked news of 1080p, 60fps streaming to Twitch for PS4 Pro users, it will include new options for PlayStation VR, managing your friends’ list, and tweaks to notifications and menu prompt.

The BGR mentions there’s not one big feature that makes 5.00 special, but the sheer volume of smaller fixes and additions is a thing to go for. Here’s what you can expect from the new updates:

New family/child account management, called “Family on PlayStation Network,” lets the player customize permissions, assign a family “manager” and monitor child account activity. The PSVR will display spectator comments during broadcasting. PS4 Pro will get Twitch streaming at 1080p and 6fps.

You can share music via the PS4’s messages feature, with an ability to leave multiple message groups at the same time. There will also be an option to disable pop-up notifications during streaming content like TV and movies.

There is also an option to turn off message previews in pop-ups, along with the virtual surround sound 5.1ch and 7.1ch now compatible with PSVR.

The PlayStation software update 5.00 is currently available in beta, which means that it should be ready to roll out to all PlayStation 4 owners in a very short time, so if you’re looking forward to anything on this list you won’t have to wait long.