Playing national anthem in cinemas not test of patriotism: Pawan Kalyan

Kurnool: Jana Sena Party (JSP) president and Telugu actor Pawan Kalyan has said that standing up in cinema theatres when the national anthem is played out is not a test for one’s patriotism.

Addressing a gathering of students at Kurnool on Friday, Kalyan said, “Playing of the national anthem (in cinema theatres)… is it done to showcase your patriotism in cinema theatres? You go to a cinema theatre to throw flowers and if you listen to the national anthem at that time…. how will you feel?”

“I go to the theatre to watch cinema for entertainment. But what if that entertainment becomes a test for my patriotism? Cinema theatre is not a test of my patriotism. Rowdyism is prevailing in the society and stopping or preventing that is a test of my patriotism. Whether or not I can prevent bribery is the test of my patriotism,” the actor-turned-politician added.

Kalyan’s JSP is likely to contest the Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections along with CPI and CPM. Earlier he had supported the TDP-BJP alliance in 2014 elections but announced his disassociation with TDP and BJP.