Playful Fun ends in tragedy, 7 kids lose their lives

Hyderabad: In yet another tragic incident seven children have lost their lives including four from the city in separate incidents on Wednesday sources said.

Four children aged between 10 and 17 all cousins drowned in a government quarry at Rudraram near Patancheru on Wednesday when they went for playing and bathing, all the four did not know swimming said Patancheru Police, TOI reports.

The children were a part of a group of six children who had come to visit their grandmother in Rudraram from Alwal.

The group around 5.30 pm went to a nearby quarry which usually had little water but the levels rose for the last two days due to raining.

Unknown of the water levels, Govardhan, Vishnuvardhan, Anand and Nandini got into the water and started playing. Two of them moved in the middle resulting in drowning while the other two went deeper to rescue them which drowned them as well.

Two other cousins sitting on the shore rushed to fetch help but by the time the elders arrived the four had drowned.

“We fished out four bodies. None of the children knew how to swim and they were no elders to supervise them. There was about 8-10 feet water at the location where the children drowned,’’ DySP (Patancheru) Rameshwar Rao said.

While in another incident reported from Nagarkurnool district in Nandiwaddenman, three other students drowned in an irrigation tank on Wednesday.

The deceased identified as Shailaja (12), Anil (12) and his sister Swati (9) had gone for fishing to Suryakunta tank when the mishap happened.

Another boy named Ganesh is now battling for his life after a villager saved him from drowning.