‘Playboy Mansion’ on sale with Hugh Hefner onboard

Washington, D.C. : If you fancy for a scandalous Hollywood history with a backdrop of some wild parties then it is the time as the ‘Playboy mansion’ is for sale.

Playboy Enterprises is looking to sell the legendary six-acre property in Holmby Hills, built in 1927 and the owners are hoping to get around US$200 million for the estate, reports TMZ.com.

But realtor sources say the property could go between US$80-90 million and Playboy Enterprises will be realistic when they list the property.

However, attaching a string to the story, whoever ends up buying it will have a permanent houseguest. Since Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, aged 89, has a life estate deal, so he will live there for the rest of his life.

It is also reported that the prospective buyers can tour the property but one area is off limits and that is Hef’s bedroom. (ANI)