Platforms row between TS, AP crew leaves passengers

Nalgonda: Platforms row in RTC creating nuisance between Telangana and Andhra with the TSRTC crew obstructing the halt of AP buses at various bus stands. Similarly, the APSRTC crew was giving same treatment to the Telangana buses heading towards AP. Only one platform was allotted to RTC buses in Kodad, Suryapet and Narketpally national highway bus stands in the district. Similar is the situation at Miryalaguda and Mallepally bus stands where Andhra buses come in large numbers.
Many buses are plying regularly between Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh and Kodad and Miryalguda in Nalgonda district. At the same time, TSRTC was running buses between Vijayawada and Hyderabad. As the bus fare in Telangana buses was less than Andhra buses, the APSRTC staff allege that passengers prefer to travel in TSRTC buses leading to losses to the APSRTC. To put a check to TSRTC buses from causing losses to them, the APSRTC allotted only one platform out of 80 in Vijayawada bus station. Due to this, Telangana buses are facing music at Vijayawada for platforms to take the passengers. Consequently, several TSRTC buses were coming empty from Vijaywada. Same is the problem at Nalgonda-Kakinada, Parakala-Guntur at respective destination bus stands.
Same situation at TS bus stands
In a tit-for-tat manner, the TSRTC staff allotted only one platform to Andhra buses at Kodad, Suryapet, Narketpally, Miryalaguda and Mallepally where Andhra buses touch on their way to Hyderabad. The local staff was not allowing the AP buses on other platforms even though they remain vacant. Kodad TSRTC Depot manager Srinvas Rao said one platform was allocated to the APSRTC buses in Kodad bus stand. He explained that Andhra depot buses halting for more time than required to increase occupancy ratio creating troubles to our own TSRTC buses. In view of this, one platform was allotted to all APSRTC buses.
The platforms row between the two Telugu-speaking States’ was creating troubles and inconvenience to the commuters especially to senior citizens, women and children. The people of both States are urging RTC authorities of both to solve the issue in an acceptable manner in the interest of common man. (NSS)