Plant-based diet effective in reducing gingivitis

Washington: A new study has revealed that plant-based diet was effective in reducing gingivitis.

The trial was published in the ‘Journal of Clinical Periodontology’.

“Study results clearly demonstrate the possibility to naturally reduce gingivitis by an optimized diet that also promotes general health,” said lead author Dr. Johan Woelber.

The trial incorporated 30 patients already suffering from gingivitis in an experimental and controlled group. The patients were put on the said diet for four weeks.

The new diet included low processed carbohydrates and animal proteins, rich omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin D, antioxidants, plant nitrates, and fibers.

The group experienced a notable drop in bleeding due to gingivitis. The group also depicted an increase in vitamin D values and slight weight loss.

He further added, “According to this, dental teams should address dietary habits and give adequate recommendations in the treatment of gingivitis, since it might be a side effect of a pro-inflammatory western diet.”