Placed on duty at crematorium, Delhi cop postpones daughter’s wedding

Delhi: Duty first, before anything else, is what we commonly hear for those in police and armed forces. A 56-year-old Delhi cop is living by that adage. Assistant Sub Inspector (ASI), Rakesh Kumar has been on duty at Lodhi Road crematorium, overlooking tens to hundreds of cremations every day.

Keeping in mind the dire situation and his duty being priority, Kumar has also postponed his daughter’s wedding, which was scheduled to be held on May 7.

Every day since April 13, he reports to his duty at the crematorium at 7 am and works until the end of the day. When asked about the postponement of his daughter’s wedding, Kumar told India Today, “How can I think about celebrating right now?”

“Though I wear a PPE kit and double mask every time, I don’t want to put my family members at risk. And there are many families here who need our help. This is my duty now,” he added.

Lodhi crematorium has a capacity to cremate almost 45 bodies in a day and has been receiving more than 60 bodies since the second wave.

Since April 13, the ASI had performed last rites of more than 50 bodies and assisted in the cremation of at least 1,100 bodies at the crematorium.

Delhi police commissioner SN Shrivastava also praised Kumar and said that he deserves the highest degree of praise and encouragement. 

The second wave of COVID-19 infections has overburdened the crematoriums and the staff taking part in the last rites. But in this chaos, there are many warriors like Kumar who are leading by example.