Pins, toothpicks can beautify nails

New Delhi: Collect a few tools and add a beautiful touch to your little blank canvasses on the tip of your fingers without spending big, says an expert.

Pooja Goel, a Delhi-based beauty expert, shares how:

* Base colour: Base colour is the basic to start with and should be on top of your priority list as it provides a smoother application of the next colour on it. In short, it means creamy, chip-free nail polish and even surface on the top of your nail. It extends the life of your nail art. Start with a good quality base coat and then you can also apply it on the top of your design so that your manicure sustains longer.

* Decals and rhinestones: They are cheap and can take your nail art to another level. They are available in different sizes, colours and shapes to add glamour to your nail designs. You can also use studs and bindis as substitute.

* Nail art brushes: Use nail art brushes or paint brushes as an alternate to give effects and paint out your creativity. You can cut the bristles of brushes to give it the desired shape and can also use a nail paint brush of old nail paints. They are essential in your collection and each brush type has its own use. One can also use eye shadow applicator to give a snowy or blur effect of a bright colour on top of a dark colour to contrast well.

* Bobby pins and toothpicks: Take out a bob pin from your hair accessories and put it in your nail stash. Bob pins and toothpicks play a good role in creating dots of different sizes as you can use both the sides of a toothpick and for the larger ones, a bob pin is a good idea. They give polka dot effect and can be used to extend designs. Tooth picks work as an ink pen when dipped in nail colour and can be used to place rhinestones on your nails.

* Foils: You can use foils for amazing prints. Place a foil on top of a polished nail with nail art adhesive and then finish it along with a shiner or plain gel top coat to make it better.

* Cotton swabs: These are needed to clean and remove polish from your nails but can also be used to create dots, adding gradient effect. Lint free cotton swabs are important because ordinary cotton may leave cotton fibres on your nails, thus ruining your manicure. Ear buds dipped in acetone free remover helps in removing extra polish from cuticles and your manicure looks neat and clean.