Pilot of Emirates plane takes quick decision, saves many lives

Dubai: Quick decision by the pilot of the Emirates plane saved the lives of many passengers. This incident took place in Cairo.

According to the report published in Gulf News, Emirates airlines was about to take off from an airport in Cairo when the pilot noticed an unauthorized vehicle on the runway. The pilot was forced to apply break despite high speed of the jet.

Due to this incident, the flight from Cairo to Dubai was delayed by more than eight hours.

Emirates also confirmed that due to the incident, tyres of the aircraft got damaged.

It may be mentioned that after the incident, the aircraft returned to the terminal.

After a delay of more than eight hours, another aircraft was arranged. Although passengers waited for another aircraft for hours, their safety was ensured.

Later, the airline also tendered an apology to passengers.

Meanwhile, the spokesperson said that concerned authorizes have started investigating the incident.

On the other hand, some passengers took to social media and expressed their anger over the delay in the flight.