Pilgrims travelling to Amarnath are safe, assures J-K Governor

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir): Satyapal Malik, the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir stated that pilgrims going to the Amarnath yatra are safe despite the recent attacks, here on Wednesday.

“The pilgrims travelling the Amarnath yatra will be safe, even after the recent attacks that have conspired,” said Malik.

“The current ground situation is good and has improved given where things were at,” he added.

The governor recalled a phone call by a Jammu and Kashmir tourist. Calling from the tourist destination in the state, Gulmarg, the tourist told the governor that “15 to 20,000 tourists have come to this spot and the police have had to stop the incoming tourists.”

“I completely believe that the perpetrators are under immense pressure by the power to do something to compensate for the disintegration of the ten-year-old establishment of terrorism. In this regard, they commit to one or two incidents. The initiative always lies in the hand of the one doing the deed not the one opposing it, but I guarantee you that we will stop this menace,” added the governor.