Pilgrims from Pakistan visit Jagannath temple in Puri

Bhubaneswar: A group of Hindu devotees from Pakistan on Sunday visited the famous Jagannath Temple in the pilgrim town of Odisha’s Puri and paid obeisance to the deity.

The group of over 100 people including men and women arrived in Odisha on October 4 on a five-day trip.

The Pakistani tourists expressed gratitude over the treatment meted out to them and urged the Indian government to relax visa provisions.

It was for the first time the pilgrims had visited Jagannath Temple.

One of the pilgrims, Aatmaram said, “I have come to India before as well but this is my first pilgrimage to Jagannath temple. It was an overwhelming experience when we paid obeisance to the deity.”

Speaking about their life in Pakistan another pilgrim, Ramesh said, “We are happy in Pakistan and we celebrate our festivals with much fervor and joy in Pakistan as well. A lot of Hindu’s from Pakistan want to visit these holy places and government should make provisions for them to get their Visas more easily.”

Another visitors Yajneshwar Das hailed the inter-country visits and said, “We also took out a Jagannath Yatra in Karachi this year on one of the main roads. Pakistani Rangers also supported us. As much as 1200 people took part in it. The people there are also very cooperative. Now we want to construct a grand Jagannath temple in the city. ”

“The misunderstanding is due to miscommunication. It is good that there would be more inter-country visits. We have many friends on both sides of the borders. There are many who believe that there should be cordial relations between the two countries, “he further added.