PIL in SC seeks direction to protect dignity of Under Trial Prisoners

New Delhi: A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed before the Supreme Court seeking a direction for framing guidelines to protect the dignity and respect of the Under Trial Prisoners (UTPs).
The PIL filed by a lawyer Deepak Kansal sought appropriate directions to the Central and all State Governments to frame the guidelines for protecting the dignity and reputation of an undertrial person by not disclosing the name of the said person till the completion of the trial.
The litigation sought to restrict the discussion/debate/observation and trial on electronic and printed media, social websites, etc till the completion of the trial. The PIL states, “one should address the ‘under trial prisoner’ as ‘alleged accused’ instead of ‘accused’.”
Kansal in his litigation states, “laws for the protection of women may be misused by them and there is no law to protect a man from such misuse, where he is being persecuted and implicated in false cases.”
“It is not possible to restore the dignity and honor of the accused nor compensate him for the humiliation, misery, distress and monetary loss due to a false accusation,” he further stated in his PIL.
The lawyer added, “The Law Commission in its 200th report has recommended a law to debar the media from reporting anything prejudicial to the rights of the accused in criminal cases, from the time of the arrest to investigation and trial,”
“If anybody wants to bring down a man, accuse him of sexual assault. Media electronic and printed and social media will do the rest,” the lawyer claimed in his litigation.