Pictures of ‘world’s lonliest house’ spark bizarre rumours

Pictures of the “world’s loneliest house” have been doing rounds on the internet and sparked a number of bizarre theories.

The lonely white house is situated on a hill on Elliðaey – a tiny island south of Iceland. The house sits alone on the island with nothing but greenery and water on all sides.

Since the house is located so far away from reality and the pandemic has made people believe that anything is possible however weird it maybe, several rumours are floating around the “mystery house”.

According to one rumour, the house was built by an eccentric billionaire who planned to retreat to Elliðaey in the event of a zombie apocalypse (could have been started by a gamer).

Another rumour stated that the house belonged to a religious hermit.

It was also speculated that the singing sensation Bjork owned the strange house and he was even interested in buying the island and was under negotiations with the government. 

According to The Sun, “The white house is actually a lodge constructed by the Elliðaey Hunting Association which is populated with flocks of puffin which feast on the abundant supply of fish in the waters below.”

“To make hunting trips easier, the group built the house as a base, which features a sauna fed off a rainwater collection system”.

An account on Twitter named My Beautiful Destination posted the pictures and wrote, “The Loneliest House in the World 🏠 !
How far away from civilization would you like to live?”

Here are some of the reactions: