Pictures of a dog not leaving side of his injured owner have gone viral

NEW DELHI: “The only creatures that are evolved enough to convey pure love are dogs and infants.” This is not just a phrase but a fact we experience in our daily lives. Pictures of a dog not leaving his owner have gone viral on social media.

In an incident that happened in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, a dog owner named Jesus Heuche fell off the tree while he was chopping off the branches. He took a bad fall injuring himself. As can be seen in the pictures, his dog Tony, that he saved from streets 4yrs ago is seen hugging his master and not leaving his side until help arrives.

“I woke up because I had my son, the dog, on top of me,” Mr. Heuche told Cadena3.

Civil defense authority of Bahia Blanca has shared pictures of Tony hugging Hueche on Facebook has gone viral with 3000 shares. Heuche also added that Tony would not let anyone, the civil defense or paramedics come near to him thinking they would harm him.

“I give him all my love and he gives me everything back,” says Mr Heuche.

According to Cadena 3, “The dog did not want to move away, It shows his unconditional love.” said the Defense Director in Bahia Blanca, Jose Luis Holman, as reported in NDTV.