UP: Pictures of Lord Ram, Sita printed on ‘Nikah’ card for Hindu invitees

Faizabad: In order to promote communal harmony, pictures of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita are printed on ‘Nikah’ card.

According to the report published in TOI, it is a wedding card of Jahana Bano, daughter of Mohammad Saleem, a resident of Bagh Sarai village in Sultanpur. Cards for Hindu invitees has pictures of Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. It also has Kalash, lamps, banana leaves and even a ‘pooja thali’.

Both Hindus and Muslims of Mohammed Saleem appreciated his move. Hindu friends got a pleasant surprise when they saw the card.

Talking about his step, Saleem said that if Muslims respect Hindus religion, Hindus will also respect Muslims. He further said that Hindus respect Muslim religion and his step is a goodwill gesture.

Commenting on the pictures on the wedding card, Saleem’s neighbour, Radhey Shyam Tiwari said that this step of Saleem proves that Muslims respect Hindu religion.