Pick the right lingerie this Valentine’s Day

New Delhi: Lingerie could add a whole new dimension to your love life, and can enhance your confidence too. So, one needs to pay attention on certain necessities while buying lingerie.

Here are few tips by Rosmin Kunnathottathil, co-founder of The Lingerie Store, an online lingerie aggregator platform, to keep in mind before shopping for lingerie.

* Go for authenticity not price: When shopping for lingerie, there are so many important aspects which need to be taken care of, because besides looking delicate and appealing, the fit, structure and accessories should be strong enough to offer maximum support, which might be missing from discounted products. So always prefer authenticity over price.

* Study a brand before committing: Do a deep-drive into the historic and present status of the brand to understand their authenticity, reputation and offerings in the market. Such a study, will guide you on whether to indulge in the specific brand or not.

* Know your size : One of the most important tips for purchasing lingerie is to know your size before planning in advance, as this will eliminate any chance of alteration and confusion.

* Be vigilant about the hygiene policies: The rule of the thumb here is, do not buy from sites that allow you to return body fitted parts such as Panty, shape wear etc. Make sure that you are buying a packed and clean product.

* Buy according to your body shape : If you want to look sensual and confident in whatever you are wearing then stick to the stuff you know would complement your body shape. So pick that style of lingerie that would enhance your body assets.

* Buy according to the shopping calendar: When we buy our clothes and shoes according to the seasons so why not lingerie. You will be surprise to know that there are certain pieces or styles that lend themselves to the changing seasons. So always ensure that the fabric of the lingerie will be comfortable in that particular season before buying

* Shop with confidence: While you buy lingerie online, you can shop with ease of mind that no one is judging you for your size or choice of colour or style. Do not feel awkward to buy the most reveling lingerie if that’s what you are looking for. Always have fun while shopping for lingerie because it makes you more confident while shopping.