Photojournalist leaves his work, to save a girl

Srinagar: A class 12th girl was taken to the hospital, after getting hit by a stone and started to bleed. She was a part of the protest going on in Nawakadal area, as per a news report by HT.

Yasin Dar was one of the photojournalists who came to report the protest. When Khushbu Jan started to collapse due to bleeding. Her friends could not ask anyone, as there was no one to help other than a batch of policemen and some press reporters. Dar came forward, leaving his duty and camera aside, taking the girl in his hands and rushed towards the nearby hospital.

The girl was severely injured and in no time she was soaked in her own blood. She was taken to SMHS hospital, “the injury is unclear,” the doctor reported.

Yasin Dar informed Khushbu’s friends that he has two daughters of his own and Khushbu is just like a daughter to him. The 43-year-old journalist has received many international and national awards for his humane work.

The picture was captured by another photographer, who followed Yasin while he carried the girl in his hands till the cab had arrived. The heart-melting image is being compared with the one, came from war-torn Syria in which Abd Alkaber Habak, a photographer carrying a small boy to a safer place after the strike.

In a region where humanity is being lost over the time, Yasin Dar ignited a spark of hope in many hearts. The overwhelming picture got much appreciation and has proved that humanity is still alive.