Photo of PM Modi sweeping floor using broom was fake, confirms RTI reply

New Delhi: The BJP led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi won 2014 general election with thumping majority. The entire social media was flooded with the narratives of Narendra Modi’s humble background. It showcased how hardworking Prime Minister is.

Among many of his photos, one in which PM Narendra Modi holding a broom and cleaning floor had gone viral.

On social media its authenticity was question by many but nobody could prove it was fake or real.

But an RTI reply has revealed that the photo was fake and it was photoshopped.

An Ahmedabad-based activist had sought information under the Right to Information (RTI) Act to check the authenticity of the image.

The RTI reply says, “…It is stated while the information sought does not form part of records, it may be noted that the said photograph is morphed and the person in the photo is not Mr Narendra Modi,” reported a web portal, Janta Ka Reporter

The real photo is this:


Photo Courtesy: Twitter
News Courtesy: ABP News