This photo of Hyderabad Police with smiling infant is winning the internet

HYDERABAD: A heartwarming photograph of an infant smiling at a Hyderabad police officer has gone viral on the internet.

According to a reports in the Indian Express, the 4-month-old little Faizan Khan was abducted on Wednesday night by two men identified as Mohammed Mushtaq (42) and Mohammed Yusuf (25) around 3 am in the night while sleeping next to his mother Humera Begum on the road.

“She woke up around 4 am and found the child missing, and after searching for some time, she approached the police,” R Sanjay Kumar, Inspector, Nampally told Telangana Today.

With the help of CCTV footage, the child was rescued 15 hours after he was kidnapped.

IPS officer, Swati Lakra shared the photo on Twitter. The image since being shared on October 7 has been ‘liked’ over 21,000 times and was retweeted over 5,000 times.

The Indian Express quoted Inspector Sanjay Kumar as saying, “The boy’s smile and his mother’s tears of joy were worth the team’s effort. The boy was crying when he was rescued. He kept crying even after he was handed over to his mother. At that time, I took him in my arms, rocked him gently and he stopped crying. Then he looked at me and gave the widest smile I have ever seen.”

Mr Kumar, SHO Nampally also tweeted pictures of the infant. Their tweet read, “Nampally police arrested 2 child kidnappers MD Mustaq & MD Yousuf n Traced 4 months baby boy within 15 hours and handed over to parents.”

The photograph of tough cop and smiling toddler is breaking the Internet. Here are some reactions: