Philippines’ president-elect Rodrigo vows to reintroduce capital punishment

London : Philippines’ president-elect Rodrigo Duterte has warned that he plans to reintroduce capital punishment in the country and give security forces the power to shoot-to-kill criminals.

The tough-talking mayor of the southern of Davao, since winning the May 9 elections warned that his campaign threats to kill were not rhetoric.

“What I will do is urge Congress to restore (the) death penalty by hanging,” the Guardian quoted Duterte, as saying while addressing a press conference in Davao yesterday.

Seventy-one-year old Duterte also said that he would give security forces “shoot-to-kill” orders against organised criminals.

“If you resist, show violent resistance, my order to police (will be) to shoot to kill. Shoot to kill for organised crime. You heard that? Shoot to kill for every organised crime,” he added.

Apart from saying that military sharp shooters would be enlisted in his campaign to kill criminals, he also vowed to introduce a 2a.m. curfew on drinking in public places, and ban children from walking on the streets alone late at night.

Duterte pressed that he wanted capital punishment to be reintroduced for a wide range of crimes, including drugs, rape, murder and robbery.

Capital punishment in the country was abolished in 2006 under then-president Gloria Arroyo.

Duterte’s stunningly victory was mainly successful because of his pledge to end crime within three to six months of being elected.

He will be sworn into office on June 30 for a six-year term.(ANI)