Philippines police search for abducted Indian businessman

Police in the Philippines have launched an operation to search for a 57-year-old Indian businessman who was abducted by armed men Oct 28.

Mike Khemani, owner of the Sugni Superstore in Cotabato city on Mindanao island, was kidnapped by five armed men Tuesday night. In the abduction bid, they killed one of Khemani’s bodyguards and left another injured, the Philippine Star reported Thursday.

Police said they now have a clue to the ownership of the abandoned car that the kidnappers used in forcibly carrying Khemani away.

Police are trying to reach the kidnappers on the basis of the car’s registration number.

The abductors reportedly took him to a riverside area where a motorized banca, a type of outrigger boat, was waiting on the outskirts of the city.

They took Khemani upstream somewhere to the border of Cotabato City.

According to the report, the five men grabbed Khemani in front of his store and dragged him at gunpoint to a waiting car.

An attempt to kidnap Khemani was made four years ago as well but failed after police reached the spot and opened fire at the gang members.