Philanthropists donate Rs 8.56 lakh to kin of UP teen who died due to police assault

Hyderabad: The Almighty ALLAH has bestowed the people of Hyderabad with numerous blessings. A Hyderabad native can say this with belief that when a child is hit by a bullet in Palestine, his pain is felt by Hyderabadi also. Even the massive destruction caused in the Syrian civil war which left many people without food and water was felt by the Hyderabad peoples. When the people of Burma were tortured and killed in the government-sponsored ethnic cleansing, their killings also shook the soul of the Hyderabad people. When the Muslims of Gujarat, U.P, Delhi, Haryana, Bihar and Kashmir had tears of grief and sorrow in their eyes, the Hyderabad people came forward to help them.

Faisal’s death

Recently, during the coronavirus lockdown, the UP police force had brutally tortured a young 17-year-old youth Faisal who was selling vegetables in front of his home. Later, he succumbed to his injuries and died.


The Editor of Siasat Zahid Ali Khan and the Secretary of Faiz-e-Aam Trust Iftekhar Hussain have appealed to philanthropists to help Faisal’s kin. As a result of the appeal, within three days, Rs. 8.56 lakhs was deposited in the account of Faisal’s parent.

Faisal parents, brother and sister thanked the Hyderabadi people especially Zahid Ali Khan and Iftekhar Hussain.

Zahid Ali Khan, Iftekhar Hussain thanked Hyderabadis

Siasat and Faiz Aam Trust have decided to shoulder the responsibility of education of Faisal’s younger brother who has the ambition to become an engineer. The organizations have also taken responsibility of the medical treatment of Faisal’s sister.  

Meanwhile, Zahid Ali Khan and Iftekhar Hussain have thanked the donors of Hyderabad with the hope that their contributions to the needy people will always continue.