Pharmaceutical firms in Israel are testing medicines on Palestinian prisoners

JERUSALEM: The Israel occupation authorities issue permits to large pharmaceutical firms to carry out tests on Palestinian and Arab prisoners, according to a report by Israeli Professor Nadera Shalhoub-Kevorkian.

Shalhoub-Kevorkian while speaking at the Columbia University in New York City confirmed that Israeli authorities permit large pharmaceutical firms to carry out tests on Palestinian prisoners.

She revealed that while conducting a research project for the Hebrew University, she collected data while carrying out a research project for the Hebrew University. However, the Hebrew University “distanced” itself from claims made by the professor.

She stated that “Palestinian spaces are laboratories,” adding that “The invention of products and services of state-sponsored security corporations are fueled by long-term curfews and Palestinian oppression by the Israeli army.”

Israeli military firms also tested weapons on Palestinian children and carried out tests in Palestinian neighbourhoods of occupied East Jerusalem, she revealed.

Last week, Israeli authorities refused to hand over the body of Fares Baroud, who died inside Israeli prison after suffering from different diseases. His family fear that he could have been used for such tests and Israel is afraid this could be revealed through forensic investigations