Petrol Minister plans to turn Bengaluru into city of ‘quality power’

Bengaluru : Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday said that the government would introduce a policy to ban the fuel oil and put more pressure on the usage of Natural Gas, adding that in the coming years, Bengaluru will have latest quality power.

“We will come up with a policy to have a complete ban on the fuel oil. Natural Gas is the cleanest fuel today. What is available in the Silicon Valley, that kind of quality power is now available in Bengaluru as well. We have planned to set up around 60 CNG stations around the city,” Pradhan said, while addressing a press conference.

Pradhan added that the city would be connected with clean fuel and for the transport sector, Natural Gas is much cheaper than diesel and petrol.

“We have planned to connect 1,32,000 households with it. Till now the number has gone up to 34,000 and by the end of this financial year we are determined to reach up to 60,000,” he asserted. (ANI)