Petitions in Bombay HC seek exemption from beef ban for Eid

Two petitions have been filed before the Bombay High Court seeking an exemption from the ban on slaughter and sale of the meat of bulls/male calves from September 25 to 28 on the occasion of Eid festival.

The division bench headed by Justice Abhay Oka clubbed the two petitions with other PILs challenging the controversial beef ban in Maharashtra. The hearing would be held on September 21.

One of the two petitions filed today seeks a direction to the state government to temporarily suspend provisions banning and penalising the slaughter of bulls/male calves and possession of their meat in amended Maharashtra Preservation of Animals Act.

According to the petitioners Aslam Alamgir Malkani and Ishaque Abdul Aziz Shaikh, the Act violates articles 25 (freedom of religion), 26 (freedom to manage religious affairs) and 29 (protection of interests of minorities) of the Constitution.

The other petition, filed by Huzaifa Electricwala, also challenges the Act and seeks a similar relief.