PETA promotes vegan eating

New Delhi: People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is promoting vegan eating among people.

Members of PETA painted their bodies as different animals, such as tiger, zebra and giraffe and took out a march in New Delhi on Tuesday, ahead of the World Forest Day which is celebrated on March 21 every year.

PETA representative Neha said “our aim is to spread awareness amongst the people about how their demand for eggs and meat is forcing the clearing of forest land so that these can be grown artificially, which has brought a number of animal species to the verge of extinction”.

She added “we would like to urge people to consciously bring about a change in their lifestyles so that they can live healthy lives and also let the animals to live their lives”.

PETA is an international organisation that works and fights for the rights of all animals. (ANI)