Pervez Musharraf pitches for building relations with Israel

Dubai: Former President General (retd) Pervez Musharraf during a press conference here Friday, hinted at making relations with Israel to counter India. He also mentioned his initiatives for making contacts with Israeli leadership with the help of Turkey in 2005. Musharraf said that Israeli leadership had responded within 24 hours of his meeting’s offer. The former president was speaking to the media in Dubai almost after nine months.

Addressing the press conference Musharraf said if Pakistan tries a little, it can build relations with Israel. According to him, Pakistan is a strong country of the Islamic world and Israel feels that if its relations with Pakistan improves it will effect on the entire Muslim world.

Musharraf’s comments came months after the reports of an Israeli plane stopping off in Islamabad. Though the Pakistani government had denied the reports, a major mystery still remains: what was the plane doing in Pakistan – which does not have diplomatic relations with Israel – and who was on-board?