Personal law board treats Muslim women as objects: VHP

New Delhi: Attacking the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) on its directive on triple talaq, the Vishva Hindu Parishad (VHP) today alleged that it was not ready to give equal rights to women as it continued to treat them as “objects”.

Pitching for equal rights for Muslim women, VHP general secretary Surender Jain accused the AIMPLB of “imposing centuries-old orthodox and conservative traditions” on them.

The remarks came a day after the AIMPLB issued a directive on the contentious issue of triple talaq, asserting that Muslims enjoyed the Constitutional right to follow their personal law.

The AIMPLB also claimed that a majority of Muslims in the country were not in favour of any change in their personal law.

“AIMPLB is responsible for all the problems faced by Muslims in the country. It still considers women as objects and is not ready to let them enjoy their fundamental rights.

“Muslim women should have equal rights as regards talaq, on par with men,” Jain said in a statement.

He also urged the Centre to introduce a law which would ensure equal rights for Muslim women.

Speaking on the AIMPLB’s resolution, in which it has rejected the Supreme Court’s suggestion of an out of court settlement on the Ram Mandir issue, Jain accused the board of being stubborn.

He alleged that this exposed the double standards of the AIMPLB as it wanted the court to resolve the temple issue but did not want the judiciary’s interference as regards ‘triple talaq’.