Personal attacks are unethical practices of TRS govt.: Kodandaram

TJAC chairman Prof M Kodandaram has stated that the state government has failed to show that the people were opposing the dharna chowk at Indira Park.

Speaking to the media here on Friday, Kodandaram alleged that the police behaved unilaterally in regard to Chalo Dharna Chowk program. He said that the problem would be solved only after discussing with the all-party committee and wished that the government would take favorable decision in this regard. Instead of solving the problems, the government resorting to personal attacks and it was best example for the unethical practices of the government, he said. He said that Dharna Chowk Protection Committee would announce future action plan very soon.

Kodandaram consoled Mahabubnagar district TJAC chairman Rajender Reddy as latter’s mother died. (NSS)