Permit Muslim youths with beard in NCC on par with Sikhs – Minorities Commission

Hyderabad: Telangana Minorities Commission demanded the authorities of National Cadet Corps to allow Muslim youths with beard as is the practice in the case of Sikh youths. Minorities Commission of Telangana received two complaints, one from the parent of a student of Anwarul Uloom College and the other from “Help Hyderabad”, a voluntary organization.

The parent of the student complained that his son wants to join NCC but the authorities are not permitting him since he bears a beard. NCC authorities appeared before the commission and informed that as per the rules and regulations of the Department of Defence, no person would be allowed to have beard. In this context, they quoted the judgments pronounced by Punjab and Haryana High Court to Air Force Authorities. The other precedent quoted was that of Kerala High Court. The third one was the judgment of Karnataka High Court.

Minorities Commission sent a letter to Ministry of Defence saying that all the citizens of India have equal rights. Sikhs have been allowed by Ministry of Defence to grow beard. In the same manner, Muslim youths should also be allowed.

–Siasat News