Perform simple weddings, says Ulema

Adilabad: The Chairman of Kahaf-ul-Iman Trust Hyderabad Maulana Mufti Abu Baker Jaber Al Qasmi shed light on the evils of Tobacco, Gutka, Beedi, Alchohol and Jahez transaction in marriages.

Speaking at the annual function of Darul Uloom Azizia at Belamandal, Adilabad, Maulana discussed at length the rights and obligations of husband and wife in Islam.

Maulana Qasmi advised the parents and the teachers to inculcate good values in their wards along with religious education.

He exhorted the Muslims to discard the evil of “Jahez” from marriages and ensure that the marriages are performed with simplicity in keeping with the spirit of Islam. 

In this regard, a resolution was passed in this public function proposed by the Chief Qazi of Adilabad Syed Nadeemuddin to boycott all marriages where “Jahez” and “Jode ki Raqam” are given or taken.

The function was compered by Maulana Mohammed Akbaruddin Hissami, the Principal of the Madrasa and chaired by Hafiz Manzur Ahmed, Chairman organization of Imams and Moazzins.

The function was attended by a large number of men and women in addition to the students and teachers of the school. 

A separate enclosure was set up for the ladies.